[by Jean Diorama]

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This website shows the nature centered dioramas I have been building since the last part of 2017.

The rules of the game are pretty simple : I bought a series of 3d boxes and I fill them with little scenes that must not be more than 4cm high. I must build those pretty fast so as not to loose interest too.

I have a lot of experience concerning the creation of nature in scale as well as the sea coming from my not so science fiction not so highly historical dioramas, the point here is to focus on only the nature part of my work.

I also try to follow the seasons like for instance showing a pond with shriveled lilies in winter as well as decayed leaves.

I get some wonderful energies working on this stuff, it’s quite a zen thing, really relaxing -indeed while building those I found out my work had some appeal to a much wider audience than I ever had

So the original plan was to have roughly 20 of those so that I could show on an exhibition. But those tend to be rather successful indeed and I don’t have more than a dozen at home right now.

And that’s the idea here: those things are easy to pack and to dispatch. They can be on your mantelpiece for not such a fortune, please contact me!

For the other stuff I do, please have a look on my other website www.jeandiorama.fr.

A book gathering a lot of my dioramas as well as unreleased ones is out now on Ak-Interactive