[by Jean Diorama]


Completed on : 2020 04 16
Size of the scene : 12
Size of the frame : 9


I think it dates from last summer when the barges on the Rhône were opened late at night and found out that the only music that would help me getting back home after some heavy Friday night evenings week spent with friends was the music of Danish band Dannheim. There was something about the heroic and tribal drums that seems to be whispering "you're not ready yet for diorama Valhalla so keep on walking so that you drink another day". Then I found myself during the course of the lunch pauses starting to redraw some runestone designs with illustrator until I had the one that is featured on the right Wikipedia entry. Later on I had the opportunity to get those etched by those fine Czech people I know which allowed me to toy with the metal sheet for several months before launching the project which was featured in daily stories in Instagram. That's what i can say right now about it although I didn't really tell the truth about that diorama origin so I may change that text one day.