[by Jean Diorama]


Completed on : 2019 03 02
Size of the scene : 13
Size of the frame : 9


So that's the story of a friend of mine who was more or less living with an older girl who owned a big black smelly scruffy noisy unsound bastard of a dog she had got at the RSPCA. It was phenomenally badly trained and was generally speaking scaring the shit out of him. Then after about 18 months he left the girl. She didn't take it too well. A few weeks later the girl came at his job crying. Her dog had strangle itself with a bone and was dead. Well my friend fell really bad and unconfortable about it as he didn't want to hurt the girl in the first place and here it was like fate had add insult to injury. So this diorama was done thinking about this story and is a nice hats off to all weird girls who own big black scruffy and noisy dogs who prove to be more faithful than their men.