[by Jean Diorama]

Dark Sea

Completed on : 2021 09 05
Size of the scene : 13cm x 10cm
Size of the frame : 15cm x 10cm


When I was working on references to model my set of  windows last year , I came across that legion of Russian Instagramers who document endlessly crumbling wooden huts and churches, icy buildings up north. Checking month after month I realized that if you lend me their good drones and the means to travel at a 5000 kms radius from my home I could probably do what they do. I suppose I'm bragging but what they do is good reference for my diorama building, but I fail to see art beyond their pure technical abilities. Yet there is one that is beyond the pale for me. @samasyava has got everything that excites me when I meet a person of interest or am in a presence of a true artist. That is she sort of strokes an unknown chord inside my soul. First there is her colour palette, she puts brownish dust on everything she touches. Now I was supposing she would stay stuck in her lovely crumbling churches like the ghost of Christmas pasts, but she must have realised there was nothing to feed on there anymore so she took her flight and now haunts the place where the people are not yet dead. Yet that's another strange story because the persons she photographs are often taken from behind, just like she would creep on them to eat their soul. Whatever she really does with them, the soul of the people end up in her pictures, and a good third of those could end up as dioramas with few modifications. Then there is another thing that makes me like her so much : she's imperfect sometimes to the point of annoyance. One day she published an awesome set of stories showing teenagers and adults bathing in a river, surrounded with derelict ships nearby. Among the people was a teenager with long blue hair whose colours made a great contrast with the grey and reds nearby. And yet at the end that girl was barely represented on her final series. Even worse, she managed to take a series of pictures of my own Limbo Queen stepping in a menacing sea in a long black dress. Her final series didn't include the best picture she took while she was just swaying in the mist, her long fingers stroking the foam. Conclusion with @samasyava, look at everything she does, make your own choices. So this diorama is inspired by one of her recent posts showing a very dark sea making a contrast with some sort of red pack probably fallen from a boat. Nothing much new from me but I needed that after more than one month of rest from diorama making