[by Jean Diorama]


Completed on : 2020 03 07
Size of the scene : 10 x7


It took me a long time to realize that I tend to not get on that well with people of my own age. It's just like i have the feeling that for some, getting older is a long process of closing oneself to the outside world and getting used to gradually live inwards. I used to work in music and it's perhaps that way i started to observe how people born in the 70's are stuck on 90's music when their youth stopped. They're all here posting their 90's clips on Facebook, buying expensive ltd editions of Cure and Depeche Mode records.. Well i don't feel like that, the 90's are over, I used to listen to Dead Can Dance I listen to Heilung, I listened to Joy Division, I listen to Gojira. I hated rap, I hate French rap. It's been a long time I realized that music is always the same thing over and over, the energies are the same, it's just that i insist on recent copyright dates and new brand names. For everything actually, except cars. I don't like the way my 308 beeps annoyingly when I forget to buckle my belt, and I don't like it when i have all kind of red buttons flashing because the air pressure is kept unchecked. So i dream of the past, of a nice BMW from 30 years ago, something noisy, a bit cheesy but reliable and without air conditioning because it makes me weak. So i called my stepbrother who is the guy who knows about those things. He told "well, are you a do-it-yourselfer?" I replied that i was building dioramas mostly, "so forget it" he told. So let's dump my dreams in a swamp, visited by the blue bird of melancholia.