[by Jean Diorama]

Mairangi Bay 1/35 diorama New Zealand
1/35 diorama New Zealand Mairangi Bay

Mairangi Bay 2

Completed on : 2021 07 18
Size of the scene : 13cm x 15cm
Size of the frame : 15cm x 18cm


There are lots of places in my mind where the land is bare and only populated by knee jerk reactions. Then some UFO of a news comes over. I discuss it with the Sandy Haired Girl and when she leaves, there are roads, libraries and pubs all over the place. I feel blessed knowing her since she extends my mind in all directions. Still it's a rare event since she's so far away. She lies on an Auckland beach and sends me a picture every now and that looks like an enigma since I don't get the colours of the sea which varies with every pixel. same thing for the brown volcanic sand. Then I thought it would be unfair not picture her at the middle of her favourite beach. One day I had a very big smile for she sent me a picture of a tree whose entangled roots made me instantly think about her hair. And then I thought about last time I saw her behind a table in a pub sipping pint after pint. Getting a bit dizzy I could swear that when she disagreed with me, her Sandy hair jumped at my throat to try and strangle me. I did another diorama of that place here