[by Jean Diorama]

Ripples 1/35 diorama
Ripples 1/35 diorama
Ripples 1/35 diorama


Completed on : 2017 12 13
Size of the scene : 14x10
Size of the frame : 20x15


I always have the temptation of going a bit beyond those nature dioramas by including some human input at some point and then I say to myself heck no.. Not yet. Let's finish first at least 20 of those and then we'll see. And every time this temptation occurs I feel the need of doing something quite abstract like that piece of shore called "Ripples" which has just some sand and a bit of sea and basic lighting effect. That's my most zen piece so far, I'm quite fond of it even If I want to do it again with brighter colors