[by Jean Diorama]

The Icy River

Completed on : 2018 02 20
Size of the scene : 14,5x9,5
Size of the frame : 20x15


Another one I have mixed feelings about. In truth this is a sort of draft : I have a truck model that waits for me since about 2 years now. The plan was to put it near a icy torrent like that one. But then I was unsure of the icy effects and about how they would be rendered so I tried that small diorama. Conclusion is I shouldn't have build the two sides of the river, the shape is alright and the weird kind of lighting is okay, but the small ripples are not a great work at all. And can anyone notice the icy effects on the ledges? No you hardly can on my pictures. I suppose it's another one I could spend a couple of hours on.