[by Jean Diorama]

Zig et Sharko

Completed on : 2019 05 04
Size of the scene : 15x10.5cm
Size of the frame : 20x15


Like a lot of parents i am leading a constant war against the amount of time my kids spend in front of the TV. But of course i tend to look at their cartoons above their shoulders.
Among those there is Zig & Sharko, which is a sort of Wile and roadrunner for kids born in 2010. It tells the story of a jackal trying to eat a mermaid which is protected by a big white shark. Sounds daft but it's quite funny in places.
And then there's something about that cartoon that made an echo to the story of one my friend who was a teacher for young adults. He was spending a lot of energy to try and help people in difficulty both personally and professionally. But then after some time he realized that he just couldn't do anything worth except for a few words of encouragement and confort because the problems where within the persons.
Like sang that scottish band "I said with me around she'd never come to harm, and then she took a fork and stabbed herself in the arm."