[by Jean Diorama]

Ice ice baby


Ice in 1/35 icechunks

Here is a bit of Ice I have been doing lately, for a regular diorama of the figures and vehicles kind. i will soonish create another one of this style in this very place

Yttygran bones


Whale bones at Yttygran

The last SBS post for that specific diorama, here are the painted bones for the Yttygran diorama.  Painted exclusively with acrylics, those were done with Magic Sculp over a brass armature.

The cervical bones were built out of several different parts of course

Resin pouring


Pouring some resin inside, blue and transparent one

Color correction


I sprayed quantities of Mr Paint lacquers to correct the previous colors so that they match with the bones. Those aare inks in fact which means that they overlay without replacing the original colors.

The glue


I finally found out the way of using this gravel glue. Just use it with an eyedropper dripping over the already placed gravel.

Some Groundcover

Added some groundcover but the colors don’t match, haha this is just terrible. The ground as I did it is pretty glossy and will have to be corrected.

Blk Sea


One of my new seas. The shape is ready, now all the foam has to be done (sorry again for the bad quality picture!=

Painting laser cut leaves


Another set of leaves that went down the drain after i failed the resin part, anyway I paint all of them individually , and here is a trick: always use twice the amount of material you originally thought was enough.

Whale bones


Metallic armature and then a lot of sculpting with Magic Sculpt for some whale bones, part of my new diorama called Yttygran.

You can see the general layout before painting (sory for the crap mobile picture!

That Fish


I sometimes fail miserably my dioramas -here is a fish I had been modeling that went buried under a layer of failed resin and therefore disappeared forever. it was not that great anyway

The Elements of the Sea


Elements of the sea

An in progress picture dating from the making of « White Shore »

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