[by Jean Diorama]

Distant Shores

On the rocks



Right after completing the Lotus diorama, i thought i’d say in far east Asia. So i studied Spanish colonial architecture as well as the local wildlife and came on that king, the great hornbill. I don’t really know why but it looks to me like straight of an Asian Harry Potter movie..



That diorama is situated in the temple of Angkor Vat in Cambodia. You can see a four headed Buddah dropped in the pool. That diorama appeared to me in a single flash vision, like all the best things I do. The point was to create a dusk feeling in the secene, using warm and dark



The kind of dioramas i do when i have one week with nothing to do



Resin and supersculpey



Resin, Supersculpey and flowers

Miniature picture of Baskunchak 1/35 diorama with dogs and salt lake


Baskunchak is a salt lake not very far from Ukraine.. The colours took me several weeks to fine tune.



Here’s a diorama I intended as being a cliché of everything nice and summer related, a holidays feel. the scale is more reduced than usual. I don’t know whetehr 1/48 or 1/72 would be best to qualify it.

1/35 Scotland diorama with heron and railway track

Scotland, 1/35 box diorama

I absolutely don’t know whether there are such paths leading to the sea in Scotland. I based that diorama on a picture I found on Instagram but couldn’t remind where it was shot. I’m particularly happy about the colouring despite the subdued feel of that scene. Finally I absolutely love to add herons in my

Diorama thumbnail 1/35 Baltic sea, with driftwood


When the summer comes, I start again creating water related dioramas because the epoxy resin dries better. Here’s another Northem Sea diorama complete with driftwood and a bit of dark sea. Payne Gray rules!


Northern Seas

Some Northern sea is did last October. The biggest seascape I ever did yet. Inspired by pictures taken on the Lofoten islands, near Norway.

1/35 diorama frigate bird and light blue sea


That’s a very simple scene with a frigate bird and a light blue sea. I love doing such dioramas in the summer, before going to holidays.


The Swimming Pool

That one is based on the picture of a woman bathing in ice.. a good pretext to model ice and to play with colours

1/35 diorama Northern sea sweden with little boats


1/35 Northern sea diorama based in Sweden, complete with little boats and another Heron! The little brother of Kamtchatka diorama

Tropical sea 1/35 diorama, very blue!


The first of the tropics series. the idea is experimenting again with colour depth, epoxy resin sculpting and waves painting. Summer jobs..

Seascape 1/35 diorama with lighting effect and rocky shore


The first of the Scotland dioramas I did, the second one was created one year later. One of my best seascapes so far compleet with lighting effects and rocky seashore yet again.

Kamtchatka diorama 1/35 with buoy and rocks


The little brother of the Sweden diorama. Different lattitudes and rocky shore and a nice blue sea.

1/35 blue seascape diorama with a seagull


Another one of my best seascapes because it’s simple and has a seagull. My epoxy resin work at its best.

1/35 diorama New Zealand Mairangi Bay

Mairangi Bay 2

There are lots of places in my mind where the land is bare and only populated by knee jerk reactions. Then some UFO of a news comes over. I discuss it with the Sandy Haired Girl and when she leaves, there are roads, libraries and pubs all over the place. I feel blessed knowing her


Dark Sea

When I was working on references to model my set of  windows last year , I came across that legion of Russian Instagramers who document endlessly crumbling wooden huts and churches, icy buildings up north. Checking month after month I realized that if you lend me their good drones and the means to travel at

1/35 building diorama under snow in Minsk Belarus

Window #4

This one was inspired both by a building not very far from my home and a picture I saw which was taken in Minsk – Belarus which showed such a building full of snow, the aim was to reproduce those snowy effects.

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