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[by Jean Diorama]

Distant Shores

Brook in autumn



Baskunchak is a salt lake not very far from Ukraine.. The colours took me several weeks to fine tune.



Here’s a diorama I intended as being a cliché of everything nice and summer related, a holidays feel. the scale is more reduced than usual. I don’t know whetehr 1/48 or 1/72 would be best to qualify it.



I absoluteley don’t know whethere there are such paths leading to the sea in Scotland. IO based that diorama on a picture I found on Instagram but couldn’t remind where it was shot. I’m particularly happy about the colouring despite the subdued feel of that scene.



When the summer comes, I start again creating water related dioramas because the resin dries better. Here’s another Northem Sea


Northern Seas

Some Northern sea is did last October. The biggest seascape I ever did yet.


Mairangi Bay 2

There are lots of places in my mind where the land is bare and only populated by knee jerk reactions. Then some UFO of a news comes over. I discuss it with the Sandy Haired Girl and when she leaves, there are roads, libraries and pubs all over the place. I feel blessed knowing her


Dark Sea

When I was working on references to model my set of  windows last year , I came across that legion of Russian Instagramers who document endlessly crumbling wooden huts and churches, icy buildings up north. Checking month after month I realized that if you lend me their good drones and the means to travel at


The Whale

I used to feel pretty vacant. That is, not depressed or anything, just empty. Nothing positive or negative goes on in my mind, just a blind wish to keep on sculpting and painting without real aim or anything. Through that foggy mind of mine, I feel echoes of people that I miss and old situations



Most people I know are naturally more or less connected with their birth place. Most of the time it feels like no more than a tiny wire, it takes form of special feeding tastes, a slight accent or foods, the feeling like we have a Heimat at a very special place. But for some, this

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