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Yttygran is an island situated in the Bering sea. Says Wikipedia :  « Situated on the northern shore of Yttygran island […]

The Icy River

Another one I have mixed feelings about. In truth this is a sort of draft : I have a truck […]

Just the Sea 1 #2

I gave out the first of that series to someone who is very dear to me and I was suddenly […]

Winter Marsh

Ever since I am a small kid I have been fascinated by marshes, ponds you name it. I remember when […]

Top of the Lake

One of the lesser of the series I suppose? I should work on it again. The colors are good and […]

Brook in autumn

Dreary humid, foggy autumn and then the yellow leaves fall in the river filled with pure water as renewed by […]

The Grey Sea

The Grey sea is my best of the series so far. It has it all. First it’s done at a […]


I always have the temptation of going a bit beyond those nature dioramas by including some human input at some […]

Muddy shore

So it happens my mom lives close to the Bassin d’Arcachon which is located on Western France. When the tide […]

White shore

« Yeah it’s rather nice, the primary lines are good, but you missed the secondary ones ». The art teacher leaves the […]

Just the Sea 1 #1

The second prototype! Long gone now, looks like blue flowers..


Aivazovski is not the best painter in history but I think he was my work’s major influence at some point. I […]

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